Tuesday, November 07, 2006

"Whether it's things or stuff, all my thing-and-stuff needs are met when I shop at Things and Stuff!

From Roadside Art Online comes a collection called Grog N Groc. Hall of Fame - The Best Store Names Ever, my current favorite being "The Lord Jesus Christ if I be Lifted Up Chair Caning and Variety Store". Guess I'd better order some bigger checks (or practice writing much smaller) before I shop there, though...

Shop Horror is a book published in 2005 lists The Best of The Worst in British Shop Names. Some entries in the gallery include Junk & Disorderly, Sofa So Good and Pizza The Action. They are also accepting reader submissions, presumably collecting material for a sequel. And yes, they already have enough people who have suggested "Curl Up & Dye".

Apparently in Ghana, Africa, businesses often have religious-themed names, even when the business has nothing to do with religion. Some of the more amusing from this collection include God First Carwash, In God We Trust Fast Food and my favorite, Blood of Jesus Electricals. Now IANAE (I am not an electrician), but I'm pretty sure I don't want blood, or really any fluids whatsoever, anywhere near my electricals.

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