Monday, November 27, 2006

Evolution of video games

Hey! Atari Combat! Pole Position! This took me back. The Evolution of Video Games (via Neatorama)

Speaking of the illustrious Atari 2600, AtariAge devotes itself to basking in the glory days of the granddaddy of all gaming consoles via some nostalgia-inducing screenshots of those old 8-bit games.

(*shaking spindly fist in the air*) You young folk with your X-Stations and Playboxes and whatnot. Why, back in my day we didn't have systems with multi-way programmable parallel floating point shader pipelines with Bluetooth. We had, um... single-way non-programmable, perpendicular, sinking point pipelines with no shade at all! And we liked it that way! The only Bluetooth we ever saw was in the mouth of that one fat kid with the pungent breath due to a somewhat lassaiz-faire attitude towards dental hygiene.

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