Wednesday, November 08, 2006

I Palindrome I

At 17,256 words, this could be The World's Longest Palindrome, though it doesn't really make much sense.esnes hcum ekam yllaer t'nseod ti hguoht .emordnaliP tsegnoL s'dlroW ehT eb dluoc siht ,sdrow 652,17 tA

Weird Al Yankovic has a video parodying (imagine that!) Dylan's "Subterranean Homesick Blues". Palindromes are involved. Fittingly, it's simply titled "Bob". (via Sarcasmo)(omsacraS aiv)"boB" deltit ylpmis s'ti ,ylgnittiF .devlovni era semordnaliP ."seulB kcisemoH naenarretbuS" s'nalyD (!taht enigami) gniydorap oediv a sah civoknaY lA drieW

And for comparison's sake, check out the original, which still rocks.skcor llits hcihw ,lanigiro eht tuo kcehc ,ekas s'nosirapmoc rof dnA

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