Friday, November 17, 2006

Making friends with killers

It's late November, and here in the US it's a special time of year that can only mean one thing: time to gather with friends and family and... watch the Zapruder film for more clues.

November 22 will mark the 43rd anniversary of the assassination of President Kennedy, and despite two investigative commissions, numerous movies and countless books on the subject, the American public still is curious about one thing: Did Lee Harvey Oswald really do it?

Austin folk band Asylum Street Spankers maintain Lee's innocence in "Lee Harvey" off their Spanks for the Memories release.

Some of you may be shocked and appalled. You probably thought I was gonna go another way there, what with the buildup mentioning late November and "special time of year" and all, right? Well, fret not, I didn't forget you...


And as we sit around the couch on the day after, in a turkey-induced torpor, we can also digest the strange facts of D.B. Cooper. For November 24 is the 35th anniversary of the only world's only unsolved plane hijacking.

The mysterious details and the possible suspects may raise more questions than they answer, but singer/songwriter Todd Snider might shed some light on the subject with his version of D.B. Cooper.

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