Saturday, March 22, 2008

And the 'tat's on my forehead and the silver spoon, Little boy blue and the man in the moon

Meet the Bebees. Father Floyd, 48, and his son Justin, 21, have what can only be categorized as a nearly idyllic father-son relationship. Not only can they exchange amusing stories about their colorful experiences while they were guests of the Central Florida Facility for Wayward Adults, they also can form a wonderful bond over their shared enthusiasm for forehead art.

Not shown, Floyd further conjugates the clause on his forehead, sporting a "Got-R-Did" tattoo on the back of his head. Not to be outdone, young Justin has had his eyelids tattooed with "F***" and "You". Stay classy, Bebees! (thanks for the link, David "Jailhouse Tat" P.)

Chicago tattoo artist accidentally gives someone a tattoo spelled "CHI-TONW". In a show of support, other Chicago inkers are getting the same misspelling on themselves.

Actual Geek Tattoos

Geek temporary tattoos, for your more faint-of-heart nerd.

Tattoos for the blind.

This is what you'd call a "self-fulfilling tattoo".

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