Friday, June 20, 2003

All I need to win is a "paradigm" or a "Win-Win"!

Spice up your next interminable business meeting by playing Buzzword Bingo.

(BUZ.wurd bing.go) n. A word game played during corporate meetings. Players are issued bingo-like cards with lists of buzzwords such as paradigm and proactive. Players check off these words as they come up in the meeting, and the first to fill in a "line" of words is the winner.

Print your own using bingo card generators for business, eBusiness and Wired Business. Another card generator is at BetterWorkplaceNow .

Have fun! It's a win-win! Hey! Bingo!!

Also worthy of a visit is The Word Spy, where you can catch up on the latest emerging jargon such as Generation XL , heroinware or cat typing.

(via Circadian Shift)

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