Friday, June 27, 2003

The World According To Dr. Bronner

You may not have ever had the good fortune to come across Dr. Bronner's 18-In-One Pure Castile Soaps, as it is sold mostly in health-food stores and does little if any advertising. And you wouldn't be missing out for the reason you think. Sure, it's a great all-natural soap that provides excellent lather, even in the hardest of water, while still being extremely mild on the skin, with lots of glycerin left in to help moisturize. And yes, it comes in refreshing peppermint, almond and eucalyptus varieties, and it isn't animal tested. All these things are true about Dr. Bronner's soaps, and yet that still isn't the reason you should get some. It's the labels, you see...

Don't have time? Here's the short version as explained by Cecil Adams from one of his Straight Dope columns, as well as a small(!) portion of the writings found on the 18-In-One Peppermint Soap quart-size label.

For those of you with the time and/or the bandwidth, here are some of the labels (Peppermint, Almond, Eucalyptus) in all their glory for your own Enrichment-Enlightenment-Enjoyment! Dilute! Dilute! OK!

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