Saturday, June 28, 2003

Fluffy, furry, photosynthesizing Folger's

A.I. a la Twenty Questions. Your answers can help the artificial intelligence engine "learn" so it can play smarter the next time. Looks like it needs a little help in some areas, though. After correctly guessing my "cup of coffee" in 13 questions, it went on to provide some dubious "uncommon knowledge" about a cup of coffee. To wit:

Can you use it at school?   I say No.   Hmmm... I know some college students who would beg to differ

Does it have seeds?   I say Probably.   Yep. Stupid frappuccino seeds. When you're in a meeting, where are you supposed to spit them out??

Is it originally from the Mediterranian?   I say Probably.   What?! I thought coffee came from Canada!

Is it tall? I say Probably.   I've heard of a latte grande, but come on...

Is it originally from Canada?   I say Probably.   What?! I thought coffee came from the Mediterranian!

Does it have eyes?   I say Probably.   "Don't look now Debbie, but I think that Kona decaf is checking you out"

Is it addictive?   I say Probably.   No argument there.

Is it fluffy?   I say Yes.   True, but only in steam form.

Does it have a leafy stalk?   I say Yes.   Also true, but only when served very fresh.

Is it considered man's best friend?   I say Probably.   Mondays at 6 am I know I have strong feelings for it...

Does it exist in other dimensions?   I say Yes.   Still waiting to hear back from Steven Hawking for confirmation on this one.

Can you control it?   I say No.   Damn coffee, just doing whatever it pleases!

Does it photosynthesize?   I say Yes.   Frankly, you may want to consider switching brands.

(via MsCapriKell)

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