Monday, April 04, 2005

Cut me, Mick!

Alrightalrightalright... I admit it. Having never seen the original Rocky, I didn't recognize the reference when someone told me they were naming their new blog "Cut me, Mick!". All I could think was maybe it was some kind of Rolling Stones sado-masochistic thing. Obviously I was a bit off the mark.

In an effort to bone up on my pugilistic chops, I visited the Rocky soundboard (click on the Play This Game link there). Oh and, hey, if it's so famous a line, where the heck is it on this soundboard? Huh, smart guy?!

For those of you Teeming Millions out there who have seen, lived, loved and cherished each individual everlovin' frame of the Rocky franchise, I'm betting you haven't seen whatever the hell this is.


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