Friday, April 15, 2005


It's April 15th, and that can mean only one thing: this and every other site on the planet is going to post at least one thing about income taxes. So without further ado...

For my Danish readers (all two of you, last time I checked the stats), be proud that you invented a delicious pastry and breed "Great" dogs. Unfortunately, you have that whole "rotten smell" thing going against you. Plus you've got the world's highest tax rate.

Tax rates of countries around the world.

What's this I hear about US income taxes being "voluntary"? Can I really not pay them, then? Not exactly.

Take a peek at presidential tax returns going back as far as FDR.

The error rate for a paper return is 21 percent, compared with an e-file return error rate of
a) 25%
b) 10%
c) 0.5%
d) 20%
Bone up on your tax trivia and be the life of the party. Providing it's a really, really, really dull party.

What's Bill Gates worth and how much does he have to pay in taxes?

Maybe it will take the sting out of today to know that Tax Freedom day, the day of the year the average American stops working to pay off their taxes and starts working to earn what they are going to keep, is just two days away (April 17, 2005). Canadians can also calculate their own Personal Tax Freedom Day. Sorry, my Google-fu was not strong enough to unearth a US version.

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