Friday, May 13, 2005

All This Useless Trivia

For the die-hard Elvis Costello junkies, Elvis Costello Mystery Cover has a wealth of Elvis concert lists, a "Mystery Cover" of an EC tune with updates 3x/week plus a boatload of links to Mr. C's covers elsewhere on The Internets.

The Elvis Costello Cover List is an embarrassment of riches, data-wise, listing every single song The Big E wrote that was ever covered by another band, no matter how obscure.

Not a fan of Declan McManus (a/k/a Elvis Costello)? Sheesh! You must not be, if you didn't know that! And yet you thirst, thirst like a shipwreck survivor who has been adrift at sea for weeks with no water and nothing to eat but Pringles for more mind-clogging factoids about who lifted which sounds from what band for whatever song? Slake away! Visit and check out the menu on the left to find an exhaustive catalog of sampling in music, broken down by the source of the sample and genre in which it was used.

This confirms that James Brown has officially been sampled by each man, woman, child and vertebrate on the face of the planet.

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