Thursday, May 05, 2005

I think I shall see nothing greater
Than poems upon a 'fridgerator


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Online Magnet Poetry Kits

I have one of the Magnetic Poetry kits here at work, and it used to be set up on the metal filing cabinet outside my cube. Status: currently mothballed due to uh, productivity concerns. Basically, everyone always stood outside my cube fiddling with the magnets, causing undue attention from Bosses, Honchos, Bigwigs and general Powers-That-Be towards my neck of the work-woods.

When it was installed on the fridge at home, my brother-in-law constructed the magnetic poem by which I still judge all other poetic efforts:

Though you rip a repulsive butt fluff I will always whisper sweet language to you


Note the alliteration "rip/repulsive" balancing the lovely assonance of "butt/fluff". Iambic pentameter? Anapestic Tetrameter? I dunno... Any Info-Nation readers with a background in verse are welcome to write a short treatise on the beauty of its inner structure. I'll be sure to post any and all critiques.

And finally, Someone keeps stealing my letters is kind of like Magnetic Poetry. In the same way Full-Contact Golf is "kind of like" golf.


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