Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Tell us how you really feel...

You know, not everyone loves the Star Wars franchise or its creator, George Lucas. But a few examples:

I hates Lucas! I hates it forever!

Why Star Wars Sucks

Rewind: A Heretic Speaks — 'Star Wars' Kinda Sucks

78 Reasons to Hate Star Wars Episode I

Why Star Wars Sucks

50 Reasons Why Jedi Sucks
. Reading this article, you might get the feeling that these guys don't hold Ewoks especially dear to their hearts. You would be oh-so right.

Speaking of Ewoks, actor Warwick Davis was one of the little people who played an Ewok in Return of the Jedi. During breaks in filming Jedi, assistant director David Tomblin made a short home movie called Return of the Ewok starring the sforementioned Davis. The original film seems to have been lost, but there is a website with the plot and a number of stills from a poor-quality video dub.

Finally, Tim "I kinda liked the Ewoks!" Jablonski alerted me to this swell Star Wars Character Guide.


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