Wednesday, June 22, 2005

For Sale: 6'X9' area rug. Will trade for durable washcloth.

Having just purchased a somewhat smaller house in a somewhat more desirable neighborhood, I know I'm going to have to adjust for the tighter living quarters. I will do my best to remember I could have been living in London in the World's Smallest Apartment, a former closet that has been converted into a cozy 62 square foot kitchenette, bath(ette) and bedroom(ette). (via growabrain)

If you tire of the cramped apartment lifestyle, may I interest you in fulfilling your dream of owning your own home? Sure, it may be the smallest in Great Britain, but you could make mortgage payments by charging admission!

Don't feel like venturing across The Big Pond®? For the low, low price of $2 per mile from his shop in Sebastopol, California, Jay Shafer of Tumbleweed Houses will build and ship a house to you! Check out this little... really, really little 6'X8' beaut!

Other real ecstatic gems include Europe's Narrowest House being out-narrowed by the World's Narrowest House.

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