Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Is this thing on?

This is a prime post here on auctioneers, folks. Truly one of a kind offered for you today. Let’s start the bidding at three hyperlinks.

I-gotta-bid-on-three-links-three-links-three-links-who’ll-gimme-four? Four-links-I-got-four-links-four-links-biddah-biddah-four-links-who’ll-gimme-five? I-got-five-links-five-links-biddah-biddah-biddah-five-links-who’ll-give-me-six? Five-links-five-links-do-I-hear-six? Six-links-six-links-biddah-biddah-six-links-lookin’-for-a-biddah-who’ll-give-me-seven? Seven? Sold to the reader for seven links!

I know you don't wanna miss this. The Livestock Marketing Association is holding their World Livestock Auctioneer Championship on June 18th at the Tulsa Stockyards.

Check out some samples of past winners going back to 1963, including a virtuoso performance from the 2004 Champ, Dan Skeels of Rimbey, Alberta. (via Rummage Through the Crevices)

Why do auctioneers talk that way, anyway? It's called the auctioneer's chant, and basically it's just the current bid, the next available bid amount, and a bunch of "filler words" thrown in there to give the bidders time to think between bids.

How to make sense of the lingo at an auction

Shills, phantom bids and other dishonest auctioneer practices

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