Friday, June 24, 2005

Tell me, who are uao?

Perusing through the ├╝ber-informative music blog Freeway Jam, I came across the profile for the site's creator, uao (pronounced yoo-ow). There isn't much in the way of pesonal info there on my Blogspotted brother. He's a male and he's from California and he has the unusual moniker, of course, but not much else to latch onto.

No matter. What I do know about him is that I reckon he's forgotten more popular music trivia than I (and probably you) will ever know.

Plus, the guy is also nothing if not prolific. There's a number of recurring features, including:

  • Weekly Artist Overview - This week it's a meaty bio on The Sex Pistols
  • Sunday Morning Playlist - overviews of various genres, such as Sadcore, Detroit Rock, Twee Pop or Lo-Fi.
  • Neverending Randomplay - Ten songs chosen randomly each week from his fairly large library of music, complete with circles and arrows and a paragraph on the back of each one explaining what each one is.
  • Weekend Re-issue Roundup - Album reviews of newly re-issued CDs.

Use your eyes, follow up with your ears.

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