Friday, June 24, 2005

Say it ain't so, 'Bow!

The strange story of Rainbow Man, the guy famous for showing up at sporting events in a rainbow-colored Afro wig and carrying a John 3:16 sign. The original Straight Dope article was written in 1987. The followup is even more interesting in that it reveals that Rainbow Man is now serving a life sentence for kidnapping a hotel maid.

An even more in-depth bio can be found here, with further details on the kidnapping stint, attempted bombings and planned assassinations (never carried out) as well.

Earlier this year, Other Cinema released a documentary on the rise and fall of Rainbow Man a/k/a "Rockin'" Rollen Stewart called Rainbow Man/John 3:16.

A 3.7MB Quicktime trailer of the film is available for download as well.

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