Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Whatever your nefarious rabbit-/roadrunner-/archnemesis-destroying needs, ACME has a product for you! Browse through our ACME online illustrated catalog; operators are standing by!

Cartoon Physics (via Backwards City).
Some choice laws:
  • Everything falls faster than an anvil.
  • Holes can be physically picked up and moved. This also applies to mouths and roadways that might conveniently be redirected off the edge of a cliff or into a wall.
  • Many characters are able to produce any object from behind their back at will (See also: Hammerspace)

A brief search through YouTube brought up one of my all-time favorite Bugs Bunny cartoons, Long-Haired Hare (1949). Not only are there innumerable instances of the already-mentioned cartoon physics, it's just plain funny. Bugs' conducting the opera singer in and forcing him to hold that note as his face turns 27 shades of purple is priceless.

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