Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Yesterday’s tomorrow, today.

Rolling Stone magazine recently published their 1,000th issue. Here is a complete archive of Rolling Stone covers. The John Belushi cover came out January 21, 1982, just four months before his death.

Check out the beautiful archive of covers from Mechanix Illustrated, Modern Mechanix and Popular Mechanics (after probably getting tired of people telling them, "Hey, you dope! You spelled "Mechanics" wrong!").

Other than the covers, Modern Mechanix's blog itself also has some really retro scans of old articles from their stable of magazines. here's one from the October, 1924 issue of Popular Mechanics that was entitled "Metal Barrel Revolving on Pipe Adds to Playground Thrills". Or, as it's better known today, "Metal Barrel Revolving on Pipe Adds up to Multi-Million Dollar Personal Injury Lawsuits".

Ooh, here's another one... The 1939 version of the Segway!

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