Saturday, February 17, 2007

Vo-dee-oh-doh! Twenty-three skiddoo!

The Jamoker linked to a couple of vids of Al Minns and Leon James, members of a 1940s dance troupe called Whitey's Lindy Hoppers (see below re: the Lindy Hop) demonstrating The Charleston. Actually, it's the same vid both times, but the second one is remixed to Daft Punk. Nice find Jamoker!

Another clip of Al and Leon Charleston-ing, this one from 1959 and nicely mashed up wih DJ Z-Trip's "All About the Music".

An offshoot of The Charleston is the Lindy Hop, which is similar, but even more frenetic, kinetic and energetic (hey that rhymed!)

A classic example of some excellent Lindy Hopping is this scene from the 1941 musical Helzapoppin!,which kicks off at a breakneck pace... and speeds up from there.

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Janet Lee said...

Those were very fun. The Lindy clip was awesome-Now that's some dirty dancing. I loved it!