Saturday, February 17, 2007

Closed for season - Reason: Freezin'

Love to golf but you're stuck somewhere in the frozen hinterlands with no hope of breaking out that Mashie or Niblick until the current ice age passes? Pshaw! Get on out there and join the other knuckleheads brave souls who dare to duff in the dead of Dinter! Er, I guess that should be "Winter", but it just screwed up my alliteration there. Anyway, I'm telling you that you should join the TGA (Tundra Golf Association)!

Some victims of hypothermia remove their clothing even as they are freezing to death. This phenomenon of "paradoxical undressing" has a scientific explanation.

Civil War-era surgeon Dr. John Brinton studied cases of soldiers who were killed, usually by a bullet to the head, who remained in the last position they were in even after death. He called the condition "Frozen Death".

Brinton observed a soldier, killed instantly by a bullet wound to the temple, still upright on his horse, holding his rifle in his right hand, and holding the horse's mane in his left. He also observed a railroad brakeman who was shot between the eyes, "his body froze in a fixed position, with his arms extended and stiff on the handwheel of the brake. The pipe that he was smoking remained tightly gripped between his teeth."

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