Monday, May 21, 2007

10 frames @ 24 frames/sec

The Flying Eagle bowling shot

You start in the tenth frame, see...

Bowling Ball 1, Pranksters 0

Rubber hands, tattooed Amish, eye-poppingly bad combovers... The Farrely brothers rolled a 300 when they hit the lanes for their 1996 gross-out bowling buddy comedy Kingpin. Here's a clip of the final showdown between Woody Harrelson's Roy Munson, who lost his bowling hand years before in a run-in with a ball return up against Bill Murray's Ernie McCracken, the reigning King of Bowling/scary hair/paternity suits.

Let's Go Bowling Part I, Part II (1955) -- Better Living Through Bowling: 1950's bowling propaganda -

The Golden Years (1960) -- Brunswick! Designing the future of tomorrow... today! While this design turned out to be a classic, reproduced for the next 40 years in this lanes across this country from gutter to shining gutter, you have to admit that those benches look about as comfortable as a brick wall.

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