Monday, May 21, 2007

Barbecue, Ducks and Trashcans

The Internet Archive's video/film section could seriously chew up a large portion of your time if you're not careful. Here are some random gems I stumbled across tonight:

James River Barbecue ad (1960)
While I think the concept they were going for was to convey this guy's paroxysm of gustatory joy as he partakes in the carnivorous ambrosia that is James River Barbecue. Mostly though, it just looks like he's having a stroke. (from the Drive-In Movie Ads section... let's all go to the lobby!)

Duck and Cover (1951)
"...and that's why the godless Russians will always fear our nuclear capabilities, little Jimmy. Because of our superior table and desk radiation-neutralizing manufacturing techniques."

It Must Be The Neighbors (1966)
The Duncans must live with the shame and social stigma of having... a rusted-out garbage can! What will the neighbors say?! Tangential thought: didn't George Carlin have a joke about how do you throw away a garbage can? People would keep bringing it back, "Hey, your garbage can... was in the garbage! Ha!"

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