Sunday, May 13, 2007

Come on baby, put the rock in the house

Monty Python Silly Olympiad.

Despite that I've seen this particular sketch numerous times, and even despite the fact that the names of the events, "The 100 Yards for People With No Sense of Direction" and "The 3000 Meter Steeplechase for People Who Think They're Chickens" for example, totally give away the visual punchline to come, I still giggle every time I see it. That, and when the announcer covering the "Marathon for Incontinents" uses what I imagine is British slang, "gone to spend a penny", whenever one of the runners stops to pee, which, as you can imagine from the name of the event, is pretty much constantly.

One of the more obscure (actual for real) Olympic sports would have to be curling. The Back House Weight, the Front House Weight, the Hackweight Takeout, the Wick and the Biter... there's a lot of lingo involved. This animated site teaches you Curling 101.

For those truly bitten by the curling bug, please enjoy the music video for the song "Curl" by Jonathan Coulton using public domain and creative commons pictures.

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