Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Your Favorite Band Name Sucks

Rock Band Name Origins
A few random excerpts:
  • THE REPLACEMENTS - Legend has it that they were given a gig after another band failed to show - when asked who they were they replied "We're the Replacements".
  • JOHN CAFFERTY and the BEAVER BROWN BAND - did the classic soundtrack to the movie Eddie and the Cruisers. The band from the Cranston Rhode Island area was practicing in one of the band member's garages when they saw a Dutch Boy paint can that was called Beaver Brown.
  • WEEZER - Band member Rivers Cuomo had the nickname Weezer in school because of a breathing problem.

The Canonical Guide to Weird Band Names

Take your pick between Band Name Generator #1...
A few random samples:
  • Four Women and Their Clown
  • The Abundant Dude Trio
  • The Litterbug Gambit

and Band Name Generator #2
A few random samples:
  • Groovy Everything
  • Atomic Step-brother
  • Primo Raisin And The Beyond Sick
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