Saturday, April 28, 2007

Mom was right

You make that face and it's going to freeze that way. Monoface lets you mix, match or randomly shuffle up a new face every time.

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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The Undercover Cover Lover

Plenty of fabulosity to go around at LP Cover Lover

Wikipedia's list of controversial album covers (some probably NSFW)

Reminiscent of some of Terry Gilliam's Monty Python animation, this animated ultra-violent tour of some of the most famous rock album covers is pretty hilarious.

Are these the best/strangest cover songs ever?

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How about a nice game of chess?

I've seen this posted a couple of other places and I ought to share it with you.

Things Computers Can Do In Movies

8. You can also infect a computer with a destructive virus by simply typing “UPLOAD VIRUS”. (See “Fortress”.)

14. You may bypass “PERMISSION DENIED” message by using the “OVERRIDE” function. (See “Demolition Man”.)

27. Searches on the internet will always return what you are looking for no matter how vague your keywords are. (See “Mission Impossible”, Tom Cruise searches with keywords like “file” and “computer” and 3 results are returned.)

When I originally read the list, I said to myself, "What about how it's possible in movie police labs to zoom in on some incredibly grainy VHS surveillance cam video and automagically 'clean it up' so that they can suddenly get a crystal clear image of the bad guy's license plate?" Then I saw in the comments section that about 237 other people posted the same question.

I'm not as sure about movies, but on TV shows like Law & Order, often they will feature cops looking up stuff in computers... and they never use the mouse. Never. It's all clickety-clackety-clackety-clackety-click-click-clack clackety-clackety-clickety-click-clickety-click clackety-clack-click-clack-clickety-click-clack clickety-clickety-clackety-click-clack-clickety-BEEP! (there's always that BEEP! at the end, too) about a hundred thousand miles an hour just to search Google for "recent murders" or something.

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Thursday, April 19, 2007

How to be a one-man-band

Check out this great mash-up of three separate music instruction videos conjoined to make for a great jam session. Try to ignore that the drumming instructor looks like Mr. Spock's brother. (via WFMU's Beware of the Blog)

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Tap Sells Out!

My jaw dropped during the airing of a recent American Express TV commercial, not from what I saw but from what I heard. Someone actually used the song "Gimme Some Money" from The Thamesmen, which was the fictional band before the equally fictional band Spinal Tap hit it big.

I got to thinking that there are other potential marketing opportunities. Perhaps FTD Florists could use this one?

Maybe this one for the Southern England Travel Council?

A future Jenny Craig spot?

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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Last Night I Had The Strangest Dream

Vladimir Kush creates these strange, dreamlike, Salvador Dali-esque masterpieces that are full of color and wonder and practically bursting with life. (via Dark Roasted Blend, who somehow has posted a large number of Kush images that look even nicer than the ones on Kush's own site.)

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Famous people who have a unibrow a/k/a monobrow, though sadly the Wikipedia article is sorely lacking in pictorial evidence.

Unibrow is a band hailing from the Chicago area. I'd never heard them before tonight, but they sound pretty good.

Though they have four eyebrows between the two of them (I'm guessing more or less equally distributed), musical goofballs Rhett and Link have created The Unibrow Song just for you.

Last but not least, is an invaluable resource and an homage to the entire "spare mustache" lifestyle, replete with Monobrow Of The Week, Mono Movies and a monobrow matching game. As their motto states: "Americans are pulling together. Shouldn't your eyebrows?"

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Saturday, April 07, 2007


Mark Michaelson has made a hobby of collecting thousands of old mugshots over the years, and has compiled some of them into a book due out later this month called Least Wanted: A Century of American Mugshots. A few are viewable now in this article at Check out his photo sets on Flickr, they are incredible. (via Coudal)

Artist Chris Crites riffs on the theme by also starting with old mugshots. His twist is that he then paints portraits of these on paper bags. You can find his galleries at

I would be remiss if I didn't mention the extensive mugshot collection of celebrities, gangsters and goofballs at The Smoking Gun.

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The Truth Is Out There. Way, Way Out There.

Finally! Now, after nearly a century, the story can be told!! Do you dare to stare into the face of the massive cover-up and web of lies that is The Titanic Conspiracy?/??!!???>????
(via J-Walk)

Read on, unless you fear... THE TRUTH!!~!!!!!1!!!@!!!!~!!!!11!!!!!!

Still not convinced????
  • As of this writing, there are only two living survivors of the Titanic, and both of them claim to have been babies and too young to remember what happened.

  • Even though some of the world's richest and most famous passengers were on the ship, not a single video was made of the Titanic sinking.

  • Abraham Lincoln dies the exact same day the Titanic sinks, except 47 years prior! The Titanic had the capacity to carry 3,547 passengers aboard! They both have 47!!!!

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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Limited Time Trickery

Huge list of websites that are celebrating April Fool's Day in one way or another. Ranges from the mundane (message board at has been changed to pink) to the brilliant ( or Google announcing TiSP "toilet-powered broadband").

Some/most of these are probably going away by tomorrow, so better check 'em out today.

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It's like I don't even know you anymore

Ah, those handy black bars that are sometimes added to "protect the anonymity"of the subject. Do they really work? Beats me. But if you want to live your shame-inducing lifestyle 24/7 without relying on the journalistic ethics of the paparazzi to keep it hush-hush, you can be anonymous anytime you like with these Black Censor Bar Glasses.

Can you identify the 80's Hair Metal band with their faces blurred out? Take the quiz.

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Toys I wish would come back and songs I wish that didn't

The 20 Worst Cover Songs in Pop Music History, at least according to Cracked Magazine. Starts with Celine Dion air-guitaring "You Shook Me All Night Long" and goes downhill from there.

As for Cracked, quite frankly I was surprised they even existed anymore, assuming they had long ago gone the way of Marathon Bars and Clackers.

Speaking of obsolete and obscure 70s culture, has links to all manner of vintage toys. Some of the ones featured there that I fondly recall:

Wizzzers, the gyroscope-ish top

SSP racers

Anything from Whamo, including the Air Blaster, Frisbees, SuperElasticBubblePlastic and so on.

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Listen up you young whippersnappers!

These bands today...after a while, they all start to look alike. (via Everlasting Blort)

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I heard he OD'd on Pixy Stix

A Derbyshire man claims to have discovered what appear to be the mummified remains of a fairy while walking through the countryside. Maybe this is where fairy dust comes from... (via Neatorama)

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