Monday, November 23, 2020

I'd Probably Lose It If It Wasn't Attached

Like cicadas wriggling out of the ground at the end of their mysterious 17-year cycle, or someone saying "Bloody Mary" or "Beetlejuice" for the third time, this scrappy underdog of a blog has returned in an equally (un)welcome fashion. For one day only.

Information Nation has been "off the air" for 8+ years at this point, and despite what you may have heard, it's going to stay that way. As long as it's still reachable, you are welcome to peruse the 1,945 previous entries in this dumb pile of electrons I typed out for you all those years ago.

In order to mollify my rabid fanbase clamoring for new content (one guy can too count as a fanbase shut up), I am willing to log back onto the hallowed server to release this one-time-only post. 

From that Nonstop Hit Factory Formerly Known As King Missile, please enjoy their finest opus.