Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Six Dog Night

Hope you don't have a problem eating a sentient, talking hot dog eagerly complicit in its own demise! Mmm-mmm! I can taste its soul!

How To Make Spiral Hot Dogs

Here's a couple of unusual hot dog creations from Steve Schaible's blog, Hot Dog Cart News (C'mon guys, don't even tell me you don't read Hot Dog Cart News!) These are just a couple of the many listed. Check the rest out, too.

The Ditch Dog, served at Ditch Plains in Manhattan’s Greenwich Village .A grilled potato bun, hot dog and topped with a Gruyere/American/Parmesan mac ‘n’ cheese blend. I am very down with this, though maybe not so much with the $14 pricetag. And this post was from 2009, so who knows how much it is now.

The Hamdog, found at Mulligan’s Bar in Decatur, Georgia. One hoagie roll, one hot dog wrapped in a half-pound of beef patty then deep-fried and topped with chili, bacon and a fried egg. That's what I call heart smart!

How to make Bento Octo-dogs that are almost too cute, or perhaps too creepy, to eat.

IronShay shows how to make sort of squirmy-lookin' spaghetti-dogs.

It's The Big One, Elizabeth!

This Thanksgiving, why not whip up the modest TurbaconEpic Thanksgiving AKA The Massive Coronary Starter Kit. (via The Wrong Stuff)

A bird in a bird in a bird in a bird in a bird in a pig. A steal at only 79,046 calories and 6,982 grams fat!

Feel The Burn

Pepper-Spraying Cop got himself a capsaicin-drenched Tumblr! (via LGF)

Butthole Surfers - Pepper (Dancing Riot-geared police! Hey! That's Ponch!)

Monday, November 21, 2011

Matrix No. 5

It turns out that the iconic lobby shootout scene in The Matrix syncs up perfectly with Lou Bega's Mambo No. 5. Worth watching, especially @ 1:05. (via Cynical-C)

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Morning Laff

Morning Jukebox

Beat Farmers - Gun Sale at the Church

I Love The (18)90's!

The iRetrofone Base is a fully-functional, stationary iPhone dock with working handset and complete compatibility with USB cable. If you've got a pocketful of ha'pennies burning a hole in your jodhpurs, it's yours for the taking. (Top-hat hat tip, Bonnie A.)

Steampunk Washington is one of any number of "enhanced" currency available for viewing at Defaced Dollars.

Friday, November 11, 2011

What in the actual hell did I just watch here?

Second Life race scene from CSI:NY

But This Post Goes To Eleven

Happy Nigel Tufnel Day!
Make sure you turn the amp all the way up to 11 today.

You can also visit the Facebook group Declare 11/11/11 Nigel Tufnel Day, though it's kind of the eleventh hour to get that legislation passed.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Nightmare Fuel

'Cause you weren't planning on sleeping anytime in the next, oh say, two weeks, were you? A collection of truly creepy images of vintage ventriloquist dummies is on display at How To Be A Retronaut.

Meet My Mustache Mini-Me

The MOUSTAIR Tumblr tries to clear some of the Huhwuzzitnow? out of the air with this tagline:
Where men meets moustaches meets hair meets moustaches meets hair meets MOUSTAIR.

Or something. (via Copyranter)

He Thinks He's People!

Some dog-themed photos from a favorite timesink of mine, Shorpy.

Semper Fido: 1925
Remember when Tom Berenger traveled back in time to join the experimental canine/Marine unit? Yeah, me neither.

The Smoking Dog: 1927

Speaking of smoking dogs...

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Walls Come Tumbling Down

Explosive Breach of Condit Dam from Andy Maser on Vimeo.

On October 26th, a hole was blasted in the base of 125' tall Condit Dam on the White Salmon River in Washington. In less than 2 hours, the reservoir behind the dam drained completely and the White Salmon flowed unimpeded by a dam for the first time in 100 years.
The time lapse near the end of the video and the amount of built-up silt released is quite amazing!

More pics and information at Andy Maser's White Salmon Restored: A Timelapse Project, where two remote cameras stationed around Condit Dam will be shooting still images every day for the next several years. When stitched together as a video sequence, these images will provide a never before seen view of large-scale dam removal and river recovery.

The Style Council - Walls Come Tumbling Down
Ex-The Jam singer and guitarist Paul Weller formed The Style Council in 1983. This political pop blast came from the 1985 release Our Favourite Shop (US title: Internationalists).