Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Fry, Robin, Fry

It started when I saw this post (via Collateral Damage) about how through the miracles of modern technology, Texas State Fair patrons can now enjoy deep fried Coca-Cola. Science is on the march!

Deep fried Oreos

Deep fried Snickers bar

Deep fried wine

Deep fried Twinkies

Deep fried prime rib

Deep fried Bacon Double Quarter Pounder

Deep fried pickles, not to be confused with the band Deep Fried Pickle Project. They get really testy when people try and take a bite out of them.

Deep fried asparagus

Deep fried peaches

Deep fried bugs

Honorable Mention

The Deep Fried Hall of Fame goes to the Scottish people, who seem to have never met a food (I'm looking at you, haggis) that they wouldn't eat. Or deep-fry. Or deep-fry and then eat. Here are but a few of their creative fusions of hot oil and bad ideas:

Deep fried Mars Bar. At least I hope like hell that's what this is, because it looks more like a deep fried colonoscopy.

Deep fried pizza

Deep fried haggis. If you are one of the innocents who doesn't know what haggis is made of, for your sake, please don't click here to find out. Oh, you so totally clicked that, didn't you?

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