Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Straight Outta Orlando

Whoops. Sorry for the disappearing act there. Took the fam to Mouseworld for a week, and didn't have time to get that mentioned here in our rush to drive for four hours through a flipping blizzard in order to get to Detroit, in order to catch a flight the following morning. Sheesh.

Anyway, everyone had a reasonably good first visit to the Land of Dis, including yours truly, who managed to get on just about every coaster in the joint. I spent the entire week interwebs-free, hence the content gap here in Ye Olde Tyme Waster, but now that I've returned from out of that horrid, horrid sunshine and 75-degree weather, I am sure I'll be able to post new stuff in the next day or so as my vitamin D levels fall back to their usual Michigan mid-winter nearly undetectable levels.

The pic above is from a Brazilian site devoted, for no discernible reason, to posting ugly Mickeys.

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