Sunday, June 29, 2008

There must be a good knock-knock joke in this story somewhere...

The small town of Darvaz is located in Uzbekistan (most of the internet sources say Uzbekistan or Turkmenistan, but Google Earth shows it to be in Tajikistan -- whatever...). About the only thing of interest there is what the locals call "The Door To Hell".

Like Darvaz's true location, the history of The Door To Hell is a little sketchy as well. According to the story, geologists were drilling for gas thirty-five years ago at this site when they uncovered a huge cavern deep underground "filled with poisonous gas". One of the crew ignited it, thinking it would burn off in a few hours. Thirty-five years later, the inferno rages on.

Click here for more pics and a video of The Door To Hell. (via Look At This...)

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