Sunday, June 29, 2008

What's that? My insurance won't kick in until after 90 days? No problem! What's the worst that can happen?

Greetings, Employee #307264!

Welcome to the exciting and rewarding career of crate pushing!

You've been employed by CratePushers, Inc. to push the crates off this platform as they fall down from the sky. Although we're still not sure exactly where all those crates are coming from, there is one thing we are sure of: they're pretty heavy! So try and not let one land on you, okay?

If we've learned anything from the previous 307,263 employees, we're pretty sure that although it's only your first day on the job, it will also be your last day on the job. And on the earth, too. Soon the only pushing you will be doing will be of the daisy variety.

In the meantime, though, welcome to the happy CratePushers, Inc. family! Now let's get to work!

Kathy Foley
Human Resource Training Specialist
CratePushers, Inc.

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