Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Sad news for penguin-based comedy enthusiasts...

Ever see some of those kooky viral videos on YouTube and wonder
a) Are they for real?
b) Of course not. So how did they do it?

Example #1 Penguin Slap

Example #2 Catching Glasses

So what's the deal on stuff like this? Is it the real deal, Lucille? The answers lie with Captain Disillusion, who breaks down the mechanics of how to manipulate images to produce these "unbelievable" videos. Don't be put off by the wacky facepaint, think of it as sort of a superhero disguise...

So far the good Captain has debunked nearly a dozen videos that have made the rounds, including the Haiti UFO that was big in the news last year.

You can see 'em all at the Captain Disillusion channel.

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