Thursday, November 06, 2008

Friday Timewasters

Here are a couple of fun little games to fritter away the tail-end of your workweek.

Come on. With all that watercooler election talk, just how productive do you really think you were this week anyway?

Open Doors is a one-rule game. Use your arrow keys to get your square to the X. Between you and your goal are any number of one-way doors that force you to, as our soon-to-be former president might say, "strategerize".

In Tower Bloxx you are a crane operator whose job it is to build high-rise towers by dropping sections on top of each other. You don't have to make them line up exactly, and chances are your final result wouldn't pass muster in real life, but in Tower Bloxx it's all good.

The closer to an exact drop on top of the previous level, the more people will move into your building, thus boosting the total population of the city you will end up creating.

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