Saturday, November 01, 2008

Or I could just peel off the colored stickers and rearrange them...

How to solve a Rubik's Cube using only two moves. Watch an learn, kids. Watch and learn.

I have a nephew who is a Rubik's Cube solver. Give him a cube in any state of entropy and he can restore order in half a minute or so. I always have admired this skill but now I am on to you, Alex!!!

PS. Is this a legit solution? Or is this video a joke? I have no idea. Anyone? Bueller?

PPS. To be fair to my nephew, I don't believe he uses this technique (which, if it's real, involves zero active brain cells), and that he actually figures out how to solve a Cube, using, like, you know, thinking and stuff.

Also: You would think that a Rubik's Cube that was all the same color would be the ultimate in easy-peasy. You would be wrong. The New Rubik's Cube. (both links via growabrain)

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Alexm said...

I'm... FAMOUS! I got mentioned on Information Nation!!!! WAHOOOOO!!!11one!!11!!!!eleven!11!shift!11!


That video is completely fake. Notice how it doesn't show him scrambling it, or him doing more than one, etc. He just set it up so he could solve it that way.

captnkurt said...

Dang. NOW you tell me, after I just bet my coworkers $1000 that I could solve the cube in under a minute...

Enjoy your newfound fame. Just don't let it go to your head, and remember to use your notoriety for good, and not for evil.

Anonymous said...

Evil is cooler. Do it. Plus, chicks dig evil dudes.