Sunday, July 29, 2007


How Swearing Works. No, really. There's more to it than you may think. Especially entertaining was this sidebar in the article about some "alternative swear words" used in the offices which, aside from the expected "Darnit!" and "Shoot!" included such interesting choices as "Funky Tut!", "Jeezy Creezy!" and "Zip-zap!". I must confess I'm not really clear on what "Zip-zap" is replacing. Anyone with a richer cussin' vocabulary than I care to edu-macate me?

Perhaps the least offensive swearing ever: Qbert cussing
(totally SFW, contains no actual swearing)

Cuss #1 (%*#!?)

Cuss #2 (*!!#$@)

Cuss #3 (**!!*@##)

If you'd rather make little Q*Bert swear on your own, you can play this Flash version of the classic arcade game yourself. Actually, after you try the game and find out just how hard it can be to make your brain translate the up, down, left and right arrows used to control him into the actual direction he moves (diagonally up left, diagonally down left, diagonally up right, diagonally down right), you'll probably be swearing more than him.

The Swear Jar, a viral video for Bud Lite.

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