Friday, July 13, 2007

So mathematically, Spin Doctors were twice as good as Lipps, Inc.

There's only two songs in me
And I just wrote the third
Don't know where I found the inspiration
Or how I wrote the words
Spent my whole life just diggin' up
My music's shallow grave
For the two songs in me
And the third one I just made
They Might Be Giants - "Number Three" (1986)

Consider the One Hit Wonder. If you put your mind to it, you can probably name a good dozen without breaking a sweat. Tiny Tim implored you to tiptoe through the tulips with him (1968), Nena released her 99 Luftballoons (1984), Tommy Tutone found Jenny's number on the wall (1982), and those Baha Men kept querying everyone in earshot if they were guilty of releasing the hounds (2000). Everybody has a favorite OHW that they still can't believe never made it bigger (where are you now, Donnie Iris?) and a whole bunch they can't believe even got the one hit (Bruce Willis? Really? Him?)

There are oodles of websites (try, TV specials, books, numerous One Hit Wonder CD's... No doubt for some of these folks, not having any more hits was perhaps the best thing that could have happened to them.

But you know who never has inspired a William Shatner-hosted countdown special? The Two Hit Wonder. The band who managed to squeak just one more onto the Top 40 charts before slinking off into oblivion, well-deserved or otherwise.

Let's take just a moment to give some love for the likes of Chilliwack, Wet Willie, Snow and the rest who had the misfortune to not be unsuccessful enough.

Another interesting concept, though it could use a little more meat on its bones, so to speak, is this One Hit Wonder/YouTube/Google Maps mashup, showing you some (sadly, with only 14 at this time, I was hungry for more) OHWs, plus where they were from and a video of their hit. Keep adding more, guys!

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Janet said...

I'm crushed to find one of my truly fave pop bands on that list-
Crowded House. Neil Finn's brilliant songwriting should have been the rage. Guess it goes to show the taste, or lack thereof, in the general listening population. sigh... Can you believe they're playing at Meijer Gardens?