Saturday, July 21, 2007

Pleased To Meet Me

Homer's worst fake name ever

Again, but in French. Interesting? Mais oui!

This find was languishing in my unfinished drafts, but when I popped over to Lifehacker, I saw they had mentioned it, so it renewed my interest... Fake Identity Generator gives you as many fictitious identites as you want, with not only a fake name, but fake snail and email addresses, a randomly generated birthdate, mother's maiden name, fake phone number and fake credit card number! From now on you can refer to me as:

Bruce K. Butler
885 Harley Vincent Drive
North Bloomfield, OH 44450

Email Address:

Phone: 440-685-4347
Mother's maiden name: Marshall
Birthday: May 8, 1969

MasterCard: 5512 9670 2804 6027
Expires: 4/2009

SSN: 289-88-4214

You may have forgotten just how hilariously goofy of a movie A Fish Called Wanda was. Of course, the best part was the Kevin Kline character Otto, he of the short fuse but long list of profanities. One of my favorite moments is when Otto is trying pass himself off as a CIA operative. He starts out okay, "I'm Harvey Manfred.." but kind of seems unable to stop, "...jensonton".

That particular section comes about 30 seconds into this great collection of Otto Moments from A Fish... As I mentioned, Otto's language is a tad on the, er, "salty" side. Best shepherd Great Gramma Erma out of the room 'fore you unleash the awesome vulgarianism of Otto.

The Best of Otto in A Fish Called Wanda

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