Wednesday, July 25, 2007

You can TUN3R radio, but you can't TUN3R fish

No matter how funky your musical tastes may run, chances are that has an internet radio stream to ring your proverbial bell, with what must be a couple thousand links, searchable by format, language and station name. You can type in a song title or artist name and see if any station has posted it on their playlists. The unique interface lets you drag the crosshairs to any place you want or you can just throw caution to the winds and click the "Random" button, where you could land on anything from 1970's Country to one of four stations broadcasting in Esperanto, of all things.

There are some caveats. The initial feed you hear is a two-minute sample of so-so quality that TUN3R has grabbed sometime recently, which keeps them on the right side of copyright & "fair use" laws. If you would like to listen to any particular feed live, then you will want to click on the big green "TUN3 IN" button. (via J-Walk)

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